We hear stories about dogs visiting nursing homes to add some joy to lives. But what about other animals... like goats, sheep and other barnyard
favorites? They bring happiness, too!  For seniors and people living with handicaps, visiting hours just got more fun. Mary's Go Round visits homes
which allows lucky residents to get visits from their favorite farm animals. The 'petting zoo' is brought right to the nursing homes so the residents don't
even have to leave their home. We can bring bunnies, chicks, ducks, goats, mini horse, alpaca, mini cow, mini donkey, sheep, and tortoise.
Mary (the owner of Mary's Go Round says :  I see how the sanctuary residents grow more confident when treated with kindness and I see how the
elderly respond so positively to the animals. Please call for more information regarding our programs.
Contact Mary at 301-752-2786